Horrorbuzz Review

“TST: WTR is not like any VR show I have seen before, it truly feels like stepping into another world and it is one of the most interactive immersive experiences that I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending!”

- Adrienne Reese

Forbes' "Tribeca Immersive Awesome List 2021"

“Wonderful, if not totally awesome, is “The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite” a scripted, live-action experience performed in virtual reality.”

- Charlie Fink

Aesthetic Magazine Interview

“Through its combination of cinematic world building, excellent performance, and a meaningful, yet whimsical, exploration of a profound subject matter, Welcome to Respite powerfully showcases VR’s aptitude as a storytelling medium.”

- Katarina Lat

NoPro Tribeca Immersive Diary

“Polished and lovingly crafted, Welcome to Respite is inspired by the real stories of people suffering from DID. And the experience certainly feels of a certain time and place. The hand-crafted details in the 1980s-era world — from the cassette deck on the front porch to the blanket fort in the attic — really shine.”

- Kathryn Yu

Indiewire Review

“Two actors play your parents and walk you through a scenario that’s alternately charming, mysterious, and deeply unsettling as it delves into the nature of a confused young psyche, providing another compelling (if brief) example of VR’s ability to generate empathy from the inside out.”

- Eric Kohn

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