Thank you for joining us for Welcome to Respite. In order to access the performance, please complete the following steps before your showtime! 

1. VR Chat Account

If you do not have VR Chat, or a VR Chat Account, please download the application in the Oculus store and sign up for one. Please take note of your exact username (case sensitive) as we will need this later on.

If you already have a VR Chat Account, please continue to Step 2.

2. Become our Friend!

Please "Friend" these two VRChat accounts by following the links below:

Friending 'screamingcolor'

Friending 'FestiveTours'


3. Request an Invitation (Day of Event)

Five minutes prior to the start of your experience, please log into VR Chat and request an invite from 'screamingcolor' and 'FestiveTours'.

You will receive an invitation from one or the other, once you send the invite request.

To request an invite, you will:
1. Log into VRChat and go to your home world.
2. Open your Quickmenu.
3. Point at the word Social with your laser and click. This will open a larger menu.
4. Click on the image of FestiveTours under online friends.
5. Click Req Invite.


This video can help (Timestamp: 1:18):

When you get a little mail icon on your left hand side (a little blue envelope), open your quick menu, click on the image of 'FestiveTours' or 'screamingcolor' at the top. Click accept and follow the prompts.



Thank you for your patience with these instructions and reach out if you have further questions.